We create uniqueness and trust.

We advise and support organizations in making their special quality, their products and their business perceptible for the mind and the soul such that they are understood, valued and in demand. During this process we employ special communication methods to reach the target and dialog groups, for example strategic storytelling and other in-depth tools.

Concept and strategy development in the area of corporate communications, internal communication, public relations, corporate publishing, brand communication.

We support changes.

When the issue in the organization is to move people, to change the attitudes of employees, to make strategies and the approach for the future understandable, to awaken commitment and dedication, to prepare a common mission and to awaken willingness to implement it, then we apply our specialist knowledge.

Change communication, change management, working on the mission, the approach for the future and the vision.

We construct brands and reputation.

We study the special quality, the identity of service enterprises. It is our objective to make the brand identity communicable and tangible. It is the foundation for a strong communication concept, for the right actions and for further product and service development.

We ensure that the employees understand the organization's brand and make the brand tangible in their workplace. Brand identity has the power to bring vitality and success to the organization, to make the organization attractive as an employer and ensure a sustainable reputation is established.

Positioning, corporate identity, brand identity, internal branding/behavioral branding, establishment of service brands and tourist region brands.